Why a blog ?

Years ago, I was looking for a good information and knowledge management software;

  • information being data about topics I wanted to investigate later and
  • knowledge being my own understanding of those topics, acquired through experience.

I needed such a software because I often found great information about topics I was interested in, but usually had no time to analyze it immediately. And unfortunately, postponing my readings, I was losing those great links 99 times out of 100. Also, as soon as something experienced, although remembering the principles and keywords, I was always forgetting all the details… being therefore most of the time unable to reproduce the “experience”.

Concretely, I often spent at lot time to retrieve sources of information or details about topics that I have already investigated in the past…

My requirements for such a software were :

  • Kiss: Simple interface to introduce the information in a text form (basic formatting)
  • Yagni: Without a plethora of useless features for my need
  • DFY: Supported on my NAS (Synology DS209+) without too much DIY
  • Efficient: Very efficient full text search engine
  • Bridged: Accessible both from Intranet and Internet
  • Responsive Design: Friendly both for Desktops and Mobile device
  • Free: and deeply customizable.. so preferably open source

After considering several softwares and how to introduce the data, organize them in categories, search, access it from the web, access it from a mobile, etc …, I concluded that the easiest and most efficient one for my needs would be: a blog and Google.

It’s indeed very easy and efficient to search for information on a specific site with Google (using the option “site:mydomain”, i.e.: without the need for a Google Search Box on that site – as far as this one has been indexed). And there is nothing simpler and more customizable than a blog to publish information and make it indexed by Google.

So, I searched for blogs supported by my NAS and discovered that there was a package “WordPress” ready-to-deploy. Nothing could be easier! Time would be spent only to find a nice Theme with a Responsive Design and a Name for my blog 😀

Why Beatifica Bytes?

Using a computer is often, for many persons including me, the best way to waste its time, solving problems we would’t experience without a PC. This is usually considered as “les joies de l’informatique“; the joys of computing.

But I really like to investigate and solve IT problems since I am 12 years old and simply said, as an hobby; finding solutions to such problems “makes me happy” (“beatifica” in latin).

Also I am a big fan of Comics and one of my first favorites used to be “Beatifica Blues” from “Jean Dufaux”… That named always sound nice to me and remained in my mind… So, combined with the above consideration, “Beatifica Bytes” or “The Joys of Computing” came naturally as a name for a blog.

Why to spent time

I know in advance that I will spent time to describe my findings with more details (and blabla) than necessary for my purpose. This is because I like to share my experiences with others… And as said by the Dalai Lama XIV: “Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.”



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  1. Francois Avatar

    I discovered your blog today (to do notifications from my synology scripts).
    wahou, thank you for all of your blog!
    François (Near Paris@France)

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