Month: March 2017

  • Rii mini i25: an Air Mouse/Wireless keyboard working with Windows, NVidia Shield TV, Plex…

    I just bought an Rii min i25 (< 35€) as an alternative for the NVidia Remote Controle (~50€). I am not disappointed !

    Rii Mini i25
    Rii Mini i25

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    Although mine is not a model with audio (microphone and headphone), it’s clearly a great accessory to replace the native remote of the NVidia Shield TV. Notice that if it looks really nice, it’s not heavy. As a consequence, it does not feel robust in hand.

    Remote NVidia Shield TV
    Remote NVidia Shield TV

    I did test it with Plex, both on Windows 10 and on NVidia Shield TV. Everything is working out of the box, except the fast forward and fast rewind. Those two keys will probably need some remapping.

    Both on Windows and NVidia, I did use the wireless keyboard successfully (including the FN keys: mute, Home, PgDn, PgUp, End, Del, Ctrl-Alt-Del), as well as the Air Mouse.

    Regarding the Remote Control:

    • Volume + and  – worked both on Windows and NVidia.
    • Power off only worked on Windows not on NVidia.
      • But it was switching off Netflix.
    • Search and Home worked on NVidia
    • To do a selection in Netflix on NVidia, I had to lock the mouse before clicking on OK!
    • Fast Forward (+10 sec) and Fast Rewind (-10 sec) work fine within Netflix but not in Plex.
    • I noticed in Netflix that the arrows (left/right) which could be used to move forward or backward in the scenes was “sometimes” not working…
    • I noticed that sometimes, the axes up/down and left/right appeared to be inverted. I did fix that by keeping the remote on the table, parallel to the screen, keyboard up (i.e. just in front of me), for 10 long seconds.
    • To scroll the page in Chrome, take the remote (keyboard down), move the mouse onto the background of the page (where there is no field) and press the “turn back arrow”. Move next the remote up and down.
    • To enter the search bar in Chrome, (keyboard down) simply press the “search key”. To exit the search bar (keyboard up), press the “Esc” key.

    From installation perspective, there is nothing to do: just plug the receiver in a USB port and switch on the remote (Button On/Off, on the side, next to the micro USB Charging Port).

    Using the air mouse is very convenient. The experience is very similar to using the remote pointer of Smart Samsung TVs (a smart remote with a large trackpad). NB.: if the mouse pointer is out of alignment with your wrist, simply lock it using the ‘Lock’ button, the one with an arrow icon:

    Lock Button Rii mini i25

    As mentioned above, the keys can be reprogrammed by sending an IR signal from another remote whose the behavior must be copied.

    If you want to use an AZERTY model you will need the “External keyboard Helper Pro“.