Month: July 2018

  • Acronis cannot access backup file due to credentials of network share

    Trying to backup an image of my PC with Acronis True Image 2016 on my Synology, I got an error message like “Acronis cannot access backup file [due] to credentials [when accessing the] network share”.

    I couldn’t find the way to change those credentials… But finally found a trick (?) to be prompted!

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    • after adding a new backup, I clicked “Select Destination” and used the ‘Browse…’ option to “Set a custom location for the backup”.
    • Next, I picked “My NAS connections” where my Synology was already listed (configured more than 2 years ago) and there, browsed to a sub-folder on the “home” share.
    • Unfortunately, clicking on “Back up Now” resulted, after longs minutes, into an error message complaining about the credentials.

    Probably because Acronis is using the Windows Credential Manager, I couldn’t find how to change the credentials within Acronis.

    But changing again the destination and typing manually the path “\\<MyNAs>\\home\Acronis\<PC Name>” instead for Browsing for that folder, I was prompted for a login/password.

    Acronis Credentials Network

    Et voilà…