Month: May 2019

  • Get audio via AV port and video via HDMI on a Yamaha HTR-4067

    I have connected the DVI output of my PC on a HDMI input of my Yamaha HTR-4067 but was missing the sound. I solved that issue by connecting the S/PDIF output of my sound card on an AV port the Yamaha and “combining” both HDMI and AV.

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    Theoretically, one should be able to have music via the DVI port of a PC by using an adequate DVI to HDMI adapter (19 pins). But my problem is that my internal sound card is dead and I am using an external one. The easiest for me was therefore:

    1. to connect that external sound card directly on the AV1 port of the Yamaha, using an optical cable.
    2. to select on the Yamaha Remote the HDMI input to be displayed
    3. to click on “Option” on the Yamaha Remote to configure the “Audio Input”
    4. and select “AV1” as “Audio Input”

    Notice that one can select a different “Audio Input” for each HDMI input.