A check box is not appearing on all “Spams” in WordPress Dashboard

I did notice in WordPress that there is sometimes no check box displayed next to some comments of the “Spam” category. I am in such case unable to permanently delete them. It’s actually not a bug but the result of the fine grained security (i.e.: permissions).

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Actually, we see the check box used to handle a comment depending on our profile and the author of that comment…

E.g.: I am using two distinct accounts in WordPress; one as “Administrator” to manage WordPress and one as “Author” to publish. But I did publish a few posts by accident with my “Administrator” account.

When connected as an “Author”, I can see the comments of any type (including the spams) written on any post (including those published by other accounts). However, I can only handle the comments written in response to my own posts. For that reason, I don’t see a check box on comments written in response to posts of other accounts…

It’s quite confusing because who did publish a post is not displayed in the screen displaying the comments 🙁





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