A Precision Screwdrivers Tool Kit

I really don’t have good tools for DYI computer work 🙁

Facom Micro-Tech
Facom Micro-Tech

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Something like the Startech CTK100P would possibly make my day…

Screw driver Computer Tool Kit Startech CTK100P
Startech CTK100P

But I am not sure if the quality will be good enough ?! I think that a better quality would come from Wiha Tools. But a complete set will cost too much IMO.

EDIT 03/01/2014 Et voilà: Finally, I ordered Facom’s Chrome Blade Micro-Tech screwdrivers 😛

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I bought two sets:

  1. Facom MT.J4XPG
    1. Torx® AEX 5×35
    2. Torx® AEX 6×35
    3. Torx® AEX 7×35
    4. Torx® AEX 8X75
  2. Facom MT.J5PG
    1. Slotted head AEF 1.5×35
    2. Slotted head AEF 2×35
    3. Slotted head AEF 3×75
    4. Phillips® AEFP 0x35
    5. Phillips® AEFP 00×35

I am now only missing the screwdrivers for male hex screws…

Notice: those screwdrivers are not magnetized! I choose to not go for Magnetized screwdrivers but to magnetized them myself on purpose, when required (as explained on WikiHow):

Using a fairly strong magnet, slide it lengthwise down the screwdriver repeatedly. Only drag it from the middle to the tip of the screwdriver, not back and forth from tip to middle and back up, just from middle to tip.

Do the motion several times repeatedly, count to 20 for less magnetization, and higher numbers for higher magnetization (depending on the strength of the magnet). The more strokes, the higher magnetization.

EDIT 13/08/2014 I found an easy and efficient way to magnetize my screwdrivers.

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I bought this Magnetizer/Demagnetizer:

Magnetizer and Demagnetizer
Magnetizer and Demagnetizer

It works really well, simply dragging the screwdriver inside the lower hole to magnetize it and in the upper hole to demagnetize it. I am only curious to see if it will works for ever or will loose its “capabilities” as  time goes by. If this happens, I will report here.






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