About This List of Softwares

The purpose of this page is to keep track of all the programs I like, most of them being freewares.

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Indeed, when re/installing a PC, I usually hardly remember the exact name of some tools I only use twice a year or “silent” services installed once years ago; ex.: Image Duplicate FInder, Software KVM, …

My criteria to adopt a software is quite simple: it must help me (or my computer) to be more efficient and productive. And I observed that such a software match the following acronyms:

  • KISS: It must be very easy to use/understand (also for non IT users).
    • I am not afraid of command lines but prefer obviously user-friendly interfaces.
  • YAGNI: It may not have plenty of features not directly related to its main purpose.
  • DRY: It should not have overlaps with another software I like.

Notice: I am using those programs on x64/x86 [Windows 7: not anymore] Windows 8 and [Server 2008 R2: not anymore] Server 2012 Essentials.





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