Add Custom URL Shortcuts into Synology's DSM Start Menu or on DSM's Desktop

I did post a feature request on Synology forum to get support for custom shortcuts on the DSM's desktop. But as I found a trick to do it myself, I have implemented a small .Net application to automate the configuration part. I named it "Mods - My Own DSM Shortcuts".

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The trick is to create a Dummy Package which will, as any package, add a shortcut for itself into the Synology's Start menu... This is a Dummy Package as it does nothing else (no installation of an actual application)..

You can find the source code of my App as well as binaries for windows here Read the documentation for additional information, including how to create such a Dummy Package manually (E.g.: you don't have Windows)...

On the screenshot here after, you can see both the Dummy Package "My Own DSM Shortcuts" installed via the "Package Center" and the Custom Shortcut that was created to open Net2Ftp - a php website I installed manually on my NAS (I.e.: copied into the webstation).

My Own DSM Shortcuts

My Own DSM Shortcuts

7 thoughts on “Add Custom URL Shortcuts into Synology's DSM Start Menu or on DSM's Desktop

  1. Hello Valery Letroye I tried your DSM Start Menu shortcut mod and it works great with DSM 5.2.

    I have a question. Is it possible to pass variables in the URL. For example this would be the URL for photo station as I want to use a different port but the default photo station shortcut only uses port 80 and I have that redirected to another port.

    How could I pass the following variables in your mod so the session ID and USERNAME appears?
    Example :
    I tried this :
    and the link works but I would have to login to Photo Station

    • The native DMS' menu opens the PhotoStation with a SID and a usr name, so I presume it's doable. But I have no idea how. I would even guess that they actually run some script behind the menu to open the URL in a new tab, instead of using a package's URL shortcut as I do.

      If you search and find some tricks, you can share with me and I would try to implement it in my .Net App.

      Kind Regards,


      • You are right something is executed in the backend.

        One more question I notice the icon image does not appear if I copy the shortcut to the desktop. how can this be fixed?

          • Ok, I got it! There is an issue when the title of a shortcut contains blanks. The icon has the same name, with blanks, which seems not supported by DSM.

            I have released a new version fixing this issue. This new version also supports the customization of various parameters of the package itself: the name, the icon, etc…

            The new beta release (CTP2) is available here:

  2. UPDATE. I did publish a CTP 6.1:

    It's a large refactoring of the code.

    Supporting now editing scripts with syntax highlighting.
    Supporting commands (scripts with one single line).
    Support bmp and jpg as logo, in addition to png.

    Making distinction between Developer name and Publisher name in the config file.

    Able to make transparent all pixels similar to pixel 1,1 in images loaded as logo (However, using Paint.Net to grab and cut the background is recommended).

    Checking now the dependency on the package Init_3rdParty required to run php pages.

    Coming with various minor changes in behavior and display: version is now displayed, "Package Information" is disabled while editing an item of the "URL information", logo can only be changed on the picture 256x256 when option "Use the same ICon for all sizes" is ticked, ...

    The new version is theoretically able to reload packages done with previous versions (CTP 5 and 4.2 at least).

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