Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

Duplicate Photos Finder
Duplicate Photos Finder

This is a free simple but very efficient tool to find similar images or exact duplicates.

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My favorite paid tool to do this is “Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder”. But although “Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder”‘s interface is less complete, it’s really excellent too.


  • It has an extremely simple user interface,clean and nice, as I like them.
  • It finds similar images or only exact duplicate photos if you tick the option “Search Only 100% Identical Pictures” in the menu Settings.
  • It searches through the various image types: JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF
  • It is able to compare pictures that was resized or with corrected colours (black and white photos for example).
  • You can search inside multiple folders or drives.
    • Better than “Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder”, you can simply drag and drop the folders into the interface.
    • It works with network drives and removable devices (USB etc.).
    • I prefer the folder browser of this tool as it’s faster than “Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder”, especially for network folders. Anyway, the easiest way to add network folders is also by drag and dropping them into the interface.
  • You can move or delete duplicate photos (or the originals) as well as open a File Explorer to browse the location of those duplicate photos (or the originals).
    • Deleted photos can b e moved into the recycle bin (this is an option).
    • Another option is to not be prompted to confirm the deletion.
  • You can sort the duplicate photos based on their location or on the location of the originals as well as on the rate of Similarity.
  • There is a standalone version.


  • One cannot specify the minimal rate of Silimarity as one can do with “Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder”.
  • It’s not slow, but not IMO pushing the limits of the machine. On a Quad Core i7-3820 HyperThread 3.6GHz scanning 37.500 photos on a local drive, it took 85 minutes using less than 15% CPU and not saturating at all the IO (NB.: more pictures there are, slower it is!).
  • The setup version is reported by Avast as being infected by OpenCandy-D. This is just an adware but still, who wants that :/






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    Hey! Danke für diesen Tipp .. 😀

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