Buffalo + DD-WRT: Disable “Cross Site Action detected”

I have so many devices and services on my LAN that I can’t remember all their Urls: IP Camera, VDSL modem, Network Printer, Router, File Server, Backup Server, VMWare Server, NAS, Blog, etc… So, I did create an administration page (php) on my NAS to list them with their intranet or internet address depending on the variable $_SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’].

Unfortunately, when clicking on the link to my Router’s web interface (a Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH with DD-WRT v24SP2), this one returns the message “Cross Site Action detected”.

As the purpose is not for me to copy the Url manually, I did look how to disable this protection on the Buffalo and here is the tip: Click to read more

  1. Run a telnet or ssh console
  2. Log on as ‘root’ even if you changed the default username via the web interface (the default password is ‘admin’ but I hope you did change it).
  3. And type the following commands:
  • nvram set no_crossdetect=1
  • nvram commit

That’s it.

P.S.: more information on SSH/Telnet and the CLI here.





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    thanks for providing the option

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