Cannot pair Aqara or other Zigbee devices with Homey Pro?

Pairing Aqara device (Zibgee) with Homey can sometimes be frustrating. And it’s actually the same with other Hubs… Here is my trick : keep the device awake by pressing shortly on the button every 5 sec.

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Usually, to pair an Aqara device (Zigbee) with your hub, you need to press the reset button until it starts flashing (usually 5 or 8 seconds depending on the model). However, often, nothing happens, and your hub will report that the pairing failed, even though you were close to the hub and made sure there were no Bluetooth devices communicating in the nearby area.

In such cases, after the reset (explained above), press and release immediately the reset button once every 5 seconds. This will keep the device awake and maximize the chance of a successful pairing.

Notice: Aqara devices are built by Lumi United Technology. Lumi is also producing the devices of Xiaomi. So, this trick is valid for most of them (and most ZigBee devices on battery)




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