Cannot remove/cancel/delete Print jobs

I did recently had to restart the “Print Spooler” Service to clear the Print job queue where a job was stuck and refused to abort.

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I did download the free software – HP Photo Creations – from HP to print at home calendars, greetings cards, etc… It’s missing some essentials features IMO, like “align” pictures/text/etc… but it’s not that bad.

I just add one issue while printing one of my creation on my PhotoSmart C6280, which is most probably related neither to that model nor to HP Photo Creations, but to the HP Drivers and/or Windows 7: One of the print job in the queue never started to print…

When print jobs are currently queued/printing, you should see a printer icon :printer: in the notification area. Click on this one to open the print queue. If you don’t see this icon, you can still open the queue  by clicking the Start button :start:, clicking Control Panel, clicking Hardware and Sound, and then clicking Devices and Printers. There, double-click your Printer to open its status window and access the Print Job Queue.

In that queue, I found my print job in first position, apparently stuck… So I decided to cancel it (right click the job and select “Cancel”). Its status became something like “Deleting – Error – Printing” but the job never disappeared from the queue. Usually, the printer is displaying an error message (e.g.: no paper or ink any more) and once this error solved, the job disappears. But if you don’t find what’s wrong, the easiest solution consists in clearing the queue (including all the other pending jobs if any):

  1. Click Start-R to run a command and type services.msc to open the Service Administration console.
  2. Find the services “Print Spooler” in the list of services (As a tip: Select the first service and type “Print”. The cursor will move directly to the first matching name in the list)
  3. Right-click this “Print Spooler” service and Select “Restart”
Et voilà. The Print Job Queue is now empty…





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