Can’t initialize disk (cyclic redundancy check)

I recently added an old 1TB disk in a tray of my PC and was prompted by Windows to initialize it. Proceeding with this initialization, I got an error message: Can’t initialize disk (cyclic redundancy check). The problem was that, in the past, this disk was part of a RAID array.

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The problem was not solved by using GPT versus MBR, or by installing HDSentinel, or using third party tools such as HDDScan, SeaTools, …

I did first open the “Computer Management” interface ( :win: + E > This PC > Manage) and went into the “Disk Management” pane. But couldn’t initialize the disk from there either, nor do anything else on it.

I did next start my SATA Controller management software: Intel Rapid Storage Technology. Once in there, I saw that the disk was recognized as the only available member of a Raid Array. I remember that it was indeed used in a physical RAID 1 array a long time ago. I should have guess it as the Disk Management interface was pretending that the disk was 2TB (recognized as an RAID 1 array of 2x 1TB) although it was a 1TB…

So, I simply deleted that array (still via Intel RST) and was finally able to initialize the disk.

Et voilà.





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