Check if Samsung Smart TV is alive with Php Server Monitor

Samsung Smart TVs have two http ports that can be queried from Php Server Monitor: 8000 and 8001.

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If the TV is on, querying on http://IP:8000, you get the response:

Server is running...

If the TV is on, querying on http://IP:8001/ms/1.0/, you get a response like:

  "DUID": "08f0d181-0096-1000-82d5-c4576e33a21d",
  "Model": "14_X14_BT",
  "ModelName": "UE48H6500",
  "ModelDescription": "Samsung TV RCR",
  "NetworkType": "wired",
  "SSID": "",
  "IP": "",
  "FirmwareVersion": "Unknown",
  "DeviceName": "[TV]Samsung LED48",
  "DeviceID": "08f0d181-0096-1000-82d5-c4576e33a21d",
  "UDN": "08f0d181-0096-1000-82d5-c4576e33a21d",
  "Resolution": "1920x1080",
  "CountryCode": "BE",
  "SmartHubAgreement": "true",
  "ServiceURI": "",
  "DialURI": "",
  "Capabilities": [
      "name": "samsung:multiscreen:1",
      "port": "8001",
      "location": "/ms/1.0/"

When the TV is Off (powered off or in standby mode), you won’t get any response from those ports but:






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