Circular polarizing filter

I would like a Polarizing Filter to increase color saturation and reduce reflections on pictures taken with my Camera.
After some research, I would be glad to get a B+W F-PRO S03 Slim Circular Polarizer.

B+W F-Pro S03 Polarisant Circulaire Slim 62mm
B+W F-Pro S03 Slim Circular Polarizer 62mm

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Product Reference: 66-026595

A picture worth a thousand words:

Effect Of Circular Polarizer
Effect Of Circular Polarizer

Edit 10/05/2014 I finally bought a B+W Polfilter Circular Käsemann XS-Pro Digital MRC.

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Based on this post, I thought I would go for a XS-Pro instead of a Slim. Also because the price was about the same (for for a standard F-Pro, but for the F-Pro Slim!) :).






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