Control Windows 8 from Android: Win8 Controller

Windows 8 Controller

This software turns an android phone into a multitouch controller for windows 8. It’s however not free except the very basic features – those being enough to take control of the mouse and access the Start Screen and the Desktop.

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Win8 Controller comes with a client part to be installed on the Android, and a server part to be installed on the remote Windows 8 PC.  Using this software you control the remote PC as if it is a tablet.

It works quite fine for most features:

  • Move the mouse
  • Click, double-click, right-click
  • Access the Start Screen, Swipe to the left or to the right (you have put your finger at the very bottom of the Android screen), Tap or Drag tiles, …
  • Use the keyboard of the Android

I have the following issues:

  • I can’t switch to the Start Screen touching the Android screen with four (or five) fingers.
  • I loose control of the mouse as soon as the “Task Manager” is open on the remote PC and has the focus. I re-gain the control if I run another application which fakes the focus. However, I can’t close the “Task Manager” clicking its close button.
  • Win8 Controller doesn’t run as a service and I can’t use it as long as I am not logged on the remote PC with a user. This is mainly a blocking issue on my HTPC where I have replaced the Windows Shell with Media Center. Indeed, only services can run in the background if the Shell is not run.






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