Create Panorama from pictures and video

Image Composite Editor
Image Composite Editor

The best free tool available to create Panorama is IMO ICE, Image Composite Editor, from the Microsoft Research Lab. Not only it’s able to join pictures, but it’s also auto-completing the gaps !!! It can even create a panorama from a panning video.

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Basic usage is very simple to create a panorama, with a set of pictures taken in a raw:

  • Press CTRL-N to create a new Panorama
  • Open the folder containing the pictures to be used, press CTRL-A to pick them all and press ENTER to continue
  • There a 4 steps: Import, Stitch, Crop and Export. For simple panorama, go directly to step 3.
  • Click on “Auto Complete” (top-right of the screen) or on “Auto Crop”. The result with “Auto Complete” is amazing.
  • Click on step 4, Export, to save the result.

Et voilà 😉






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