Devolo DLan (CPL) + Fibaro Wall Plug = network connection issues

I notice some incompatiblity between Devolo DLan’s and Fibaro Wall Plugs

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In order to measure the power consumption of my Devolo DLan’s (a 500 Wireless+ and a 200 AV Wireless N), I did plug them into Fibaro Wall Plugs.

It used to work fine at the begining. But now, the devices plugged on the DLan via ethernet or Wifi can’t connext to the network anymore.

As soon as remove the Fibaro Wall Plug, everything works fine. I tried several times, with two distinct DLan, after resetting my router and my modem, after resetting the connected devices, etc… 

I found only two other users experiencing also issues when combining Fibaro Wall Plugs and Devolo powerline devices… 






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