Extract DVD’s tracks as MKV and merge them

In order to get access from my HTPC to any movie or cartoon at any time (without feeling like a DJ), I extract the content of my DVD as MKV. Sometimes, with some DVD, I obtain several MKV for a single episode. In such case, I merge the MKV’s in a single one. My favorite tools: MakeMKV and MKVToolNix (MKVMerge)

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The Beta version of MakeMKV is always free. It’s the most easiest tool I have tested to extract tracks from a DVD. Only a few steps are required to analyze and decrypt the DVD, list the content and extract it:

  1. Start MakeMKV.
  2. Insert the DVD. It’s automatically detected by MakeMKV.
  3. Press the large “DVD reader” Icon in MakeMKV. If an advanced decryption is required, it will take some times. Once completed, a list with the content is displayed.
  4. Select the titles (tracks) to be extracted (the larger ones are automatically selected as presumed to not be DVD menu).
  5. Select the “Output Folder”.
  6. And press the small “Disk with a green arrow” icon titled “Make MKV”.

One MKV is produced by selected title. This MKV contains everything: not only the video and the various audio tracks of the title but also the definition of each chapters.

To merge MKV, I use a tool installed with MKVToolNix: MKVMerge. The process is also easy and straightforward:

  1. Start MKVMerge
  2. Drag and Drop a first MKV into the “Input files” zone
  3. Press the “append” button to add a second MKV for merging purpose!
  4. Possibly change the “Output filename”
  5. And finally press “start muxing”.

By default, the various audio tracks and all defined chapters are kept in the output MKV.





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