File Compare: Beyond Compare

Beyond Compare
Beyond Compare

Beyond Compare is really my favorite file, folder and data comparison utility.

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  • Compare files, folders/subfolders, data (grids) FTP sites or zip files side-by-side in a Explorer-like interface
  • Hide files or folders that don’t contribute to comparison and show only relevant results using display filters:
    • Show all, Just mismatches, Just matches,
    • Two-sided, Two-sided mismatches,
    • Orphans, Older, Newer
    • Ignore files or folders based on patterns
  • Powerful merge of changes between files with support for 3-way comparison
    • Manually alignment of the files to compare the correct records
    • In line Editing
    • Move to next difference or Move to next file comparisons
  • Folders Synchronization
  • Color highlighting of differences
  • Sort by Name, Type, Date Modified, Size, CRC
  • Multi-threaded operations:
    • Folders scanned in background
    • Files compared in background
    • Folders synchronized in background
  • Comparison based on various criteria:
    • Date modified
    • File size
    • Attributes
    • Binary content comparison
    • Rules-based content comparison (possibly ignoring minor differences like Case, Whitespace, Comments)
  • Support for Batch operations








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