Fresh re-install of Windows 7 before upgrading to Windows 8 Pro for less than 15€

As you really should know, if you bought a computer with Windows 7 home premium or above between June 2, 2012 and January 31, 2013, you can buy the upgrade to Windows 8 pro for about 15€!!! And actually, it works also for older Windows 7 PC as far as you mention that you bought it recently…

Here is the link to get the Promo Code

However, just like me, you most probably don’t want to upgrade your PC with all the crap currently installed on it. Instead, you want to upgrade from a fresh install of Windows 7. But unfortunately, you don’t have the setup media to re-install Windows 7 SP1 🙁

No problem! The official ISO’s (English versions) from Microsoft are available here.

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Reinstal you PC with the adequate ISO and upgrade next to Windows 8 using the Upgrade Assistant – providing your Promo Code to pay the lowest price (Payment with Paypal is available). No need to install any Windows updates for Windows 7 before starting the upgrade to windows 8. But when upgrading to Windows 8 choose the option “keep nothing” to have a cleanest installation.

Finally, after the installation, delete the “windows.old” folder using the Disk Clean-up utility:

  1. Right click your System Drive and select properties
  2. Start the Disk Clean-up Utility (button next to the pie chart).
  3. Click “Clean-up system files” (Disk Clean-up will restart itself)
  4. Select now “Previous Windows Installation(s)” in the list of files to delete (This option was not available before step 3).
  5. Click “Ok” and confirm the “Delete Files”

Et voilà!





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