Google search via url field vs search page

I just noticed that I can not use Chrome’s url field anymore to search on my blog as I did so far… Google is using now my blog’s search feature.. EXACTLY the opposite of my expectation!

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As explained here, I use my blog as a knowledge base to be searched using Google.

Concretely, if I want to find something like the processor used on my desktop (named Chaos), I used to type this in the url field of Chrome: beatificabytes chaos

As I am very used to the keyword suggestion feature of Chrome, as soon as I see that the suggestion seems to match what I am typing, I press ‘tab’ to auto-complete it.

Moreover, I use very often the url ‘’. So when I type ‘bea’ as a first keyword, I am suggested ‘’. I never had any problem with that as searching for ‘beatificabytes chaos’ or chaos’ used to be equivalent.

But since a few days, when I type ‘tab’ to auto-complete ‘bea’, my keyword is replaced by ‘Search’. And if I add a keyword like ‘Chaos’ behind that, Chrome is using the WordPress’ search feature of my blog instead of searching via Google. Obviously, the result is disappointing.

So, I have no choice but type now ‘beatificabytes’ after another keyword. The down side is that in such a case, I don’t have the auto-completion anymore on ‘bea’ 🙁





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