How to connect a bluetooth headset with a samsung tv UE48H6500

Yes, this is possible. But you have to enable the support for «Bluetooth headphones» via a hidden menu.

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To access the samsung hidden menu:
- Switch off the tv with your remote
- Press the key «Info»
- Press the key «Menu»
- Press the key «Mute»
- Switch on the tv and wait for a few seconds

The hidden menu is now appearing on the screen. With the keys «up» and «down» you navigate between entries (submenus or settings). With the key «ok» (Enter) you enter a selected submenu or edit a setting. With the key «Return» you exit the submenu or the edit mode. With the keys «Left» and «Right» you change the value of a setting in edit mode.

To enable the support for «Bluetooth headphones»:
- select the entry «Option»
- select the entry «MRT option»
- select the setting «BT support»
- change the value of that setting to set: ON
- exit that setting
- exit the submenu
- select now the entry «Engineer Option»
- select the setting «BT_AUDIO_ON_OFF»
- change the value of that setting to set: ON

And now switch off the tv. Voilà. The feature should be enabled. To access it, switch on the tv and press the key Menu. Then go to > Sound > Speaker Settings > Bluetooth headphones. From there you can search for Bluetooth devices and pair them.

Later, to reconnect a Bluetooth which is already paired, use the key «tools» and in «Speaker Select», pick «Bluetooth headset». If it does not connect immediately, switch off and on your headphone and retry changing the "Speaker Select". Notice that you must do this before starting any application like Plex or Netflix in the SmartHub.

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