How to use an Alias as “From” field with IMAP account in Outlook 2016

Nobody knows the mail address of my actual mailbox. Instead, I always communicate an alias (for example: Me @

Unfortunately, with the latest update of Outlook 2016, to use such an alias as “From” is not a piece of cake anymore… The trick is to use the good old “Mail” tool of the Control Panel.

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The reason for me to use an alias is that this alias is forwarded to a “gmail” mailbox, where the antispam is quite efficient. And gmail transfers the remaining emails to my actual mailbox (on my own server/within my own domain).

I access next my actual mailbox via IMAP with Outlook. I never use the intermediary mailbox on gmail.

With the latest version of Outlook 2016, I couldn’t configure a different mail address than the “user account” of my actual mailbox (which is the mail address that I want to keep secret 😉 ).


I.e.: if I type Me @ in the config screen above, outlook will use that both for the “From” Field and as user account to connect onto my IMAP server.

This is an issue as the alias Me @ is not valid as an account to connect on my actual mailbox.

Obviously, I could configure Outlook with my actual account and define next my alias as a Reply Address. But than, the recipient would see my actual mail address.

The easiest is to use to good old “Mail” tool:

  1. Open it via the Windows Control Panel > User Account > Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016).
  2. There, click the “Email Accounts…”
  3. In the tab “Email”, click “New”…
  4. And here we go!

As usually:

  1. Select the option “Manual setup or …” and click “Next”
  2. Select “Pop or IMAP” and click “Next”
  3. Type your name and your alias email address in the user information part
  4. Use your actual email address as user name in the logon information part (this is the ‘option’ never proposed by the new configuration wizard of Outlook 2016)

Et voilà…





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