Laptop’s Wi-Fi off after Windows 8 Update

My  laptop Sony Vaio VGN CR31 has just rebooted after a Windows Update. Before the reboot, I was still browsing internet via the wifi connection. But after the reboot, the WiFi was OFF(*) although the WiFi switch (on the left side of the latop) was ON.

(*)  In the network connection panel, the Wi-Fi was showing “Wi-Fi (Off)”.

I did run the Windows troubleshooting on the internet connection and network adapter.  All drivers were up to date and no issue were found.

After various attempt to uninstall the latest updates, I found the solution:

  • Press :win: + C  to open Windows 8 Charms menu
  • Choose “Settings”,
  • Click “Change PC Settings” at the bottom.
  • Choose the “Wireless” section. There, you can see two (or three) toggles: Airplane Mode, Wireless Devicess (and possibly Bluetooth).

Wi-Fi was also turned OFF! Toggling Wi-Fi back ON fixed my issue. No idea why the Windows Updates (or the reboot or ???) did change that settings ?!




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