Modal Popups don’t open anymore within WordPress 3.8.2’s Visual Editor

Since a few months, I couldn’t “Add Media” or “Insert/Edit Link” anymore within the Visual Editor of my WordPress, when editing existing Posts. Everything was however working fine when creating new Posts… According to me, it is due to the use of a too recent version of ajax/jQuery, not compatible/conflicting with WordPress 3.8.2’s libraries. I found indeed some plugins recently updated/installed that had to be removed to solve the problem.

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Concretely, Modal Popups didn’t open anymore…

I didn’t get time to investigate that issue before this week-end. But it took me only a few minutes to discover that everything was working again when disabling the plugin Akismet 3.0.0 (updated by the way from 2.5.9 a few months ago).

Instead of disabling all the plugins and re-enabling them one by one, I did compare the html source of the pages used to create a new Post and to edit an existing Post (As the problem only occurred when editing). I noticed immediately that the main difference was the inclusion of some Akismet’s javascripts. Reason why I tried first to disable that plugin…. and Bingo!

As suggested on WordPress’ forum, I tried to installed the plugin “Use Google Libraries”. But it didn’t solve the problem. Actually, using that plugin while Akismet is disabled also results in Modal Popups not opening…

When the problem occurs, there are errors logged in the Chrome’s developer Console (F12 > tab “Console”) : Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function. This error occurs in scripts from jquery-ui.min.js

So, IMO, both “Use Google Libraries” and “Akismet” use a too recent version of ajax/jquery for WordPress 3.8.2. But as I didn’t want to upgrade to WordPress 3.9 or 4.0 beta (as long as Synology don’t provide its own package) I did simply rollback to Akismet 2.5.9. I had fortunately a backup… And did uninstall “Use Google Libraries”… Et voilà !





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  1. Valery Letroye Avatar

    I just installed a new plugin: “WP Attachments”. And once this once enabled, the same issue occurs: Modal Popups don’t open anymore

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