Mouse Lag on Windows 8

I have a wireless Logitech Mouse (Performance Mouse MX™). This one is sometimes freezing although everything else seems to work fine (I can still see my video playing smoothly as well as flash animations in my browser, CPU is not high, free RAM is not low…). It looks like only the mouse is lagging.

This issue seems however to be fixed since I have disabled the “Enhance pointer precision” feature in the “Mouse Properties”…

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one can find many questions about this issue on the web and as much explanations. One which is quite interesting is that many people experience lag with their mouse once they have Chrome open, due to the Chrome Flash player. This one can be disabled via the uri chrome://plugins

I was indeed mainly experiencing mouse lag when many tabs were opened in Chrome. However, I didn’t have this plugin. So, I will only try to disable Chrome Plugins if the problem re-appears. Indeed, it disappeared since I have disable the “Enhance pointer precision” feature.

  1. Open the “Control Panel”
  2. Open the “Mouse Properties”
  3. In the “Pointer Options” tab, unselect “Enhance pointer precision”.

Notice: I don’t use the Logitech drivers but only the default Microsoft drivers. I had indeed too many issues in the past with SetPoint compared to its added value (Among other connecting my Bluetooth keyboard)





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  1. Valery Letroye Avatar

    I recently noticed that my wireless mouse was moving erratically each time I was plugging its receiver on the same USB Hub as receivers of other wireless devices. Ex.: my wireless Headset Corsair

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