Netflix Sound continuously interrupting for 0.5s on Samsung TV

Since a few weeks, when kids watch Netflix on our Samsung TV, the sound is continuously interrupting for an half second (I would say about every 60 seconds although something more frequently). I did fix it by switching from Audio Format “Dolby Digital” to “DTS Neo 2:5”.

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I noticed that the issue was not occurring when using TV’s built-in speakers. It was only occurring when using my Sound Bar Yamaha YSP3300 as audio output, and with some movies. The sound-bar had short term pauses (< 1 sec) in sound every once in a while.

Googling for similar issues, I found that Dolby Digital was not well supported by the combination Samsung/SmartHub/Netflix/Soundbar/5.1 movies…


So, I did change the audio format via TV’s Menu > Sound > Additional Parameters > Audio

Et voilà 😉

NB: it works both with DTS Neo and PCM…




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