Netgear JGS524E’s 802.3ad Link Aggregation And Synology

Long time ago, I wanted to configured a Bond on my Synology to benefit the LAG feature of my Switch JGS524E (Netgear ProSafe® Plus). Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Being lazy, I never investigated further. It’s now done: I wrote to Netgear and they confirmed that only Static LAG is supported on JGS524E. Dynamic LAG, required to use Link Aggregation with Synology, is not.

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Concretely, Synology says in documentation that it requires IEEE 802.3ad (Dynamic) Link Aggregation (LACP, 802.1AX). While Netgear told me that the Switch ProSafe® Plus only supports static LAG. And that’s how I learned that static LAG is not LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol) :/

Conclusion I did configure my Synology to use Adaptive Load Balancing and I did disable LAG on my Netgear…





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