Play “Steam” games like “Lego Star Wars” on NVidia Shield TV [streamed from PC]

Today, my daughter asked me to buy “Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens” for our NVIDIA Shield TV. Unfortunately, I found that it was not only ~30€ but also that it required a ~8€/month subscription to NVidia GeForceNow. As we really don’t play that often, this was not acceptable for me. Fortunately, as I have a PC with a Nvidia Geforce GTX 760 I found a solution without the need for a subscription: use “Steam (in BigPicture Mode)” and stream it to the NVIDIA. And “Cerise sur le Gateau”, it did only cost 6€ as there was a special promo this weekend on Instant Gaming.

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So, instead of buying Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens for NVIDIA on GeforceNow, I bought if for PC on Steam with the idea to use it via “NVIDIA GameStream”.

Once installed on my PC via Steam, I did try it. Unfortunately, instead of running correctly, it did start minimized. This is a well know issue with games from Steam and the solution is to define manually the resolution of your screen. For Lego Star Wars:

  1. Open the folder C:\Users\<Your Account>\AppData\Roaming\Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment\LEGO STAR WARS The Force Awakens
  2. Edit the file PCConfig.TXT and set the resolution and the refresh rate of your main screen into it
    1. ScreenWidth 1920
    2. ScreenHeight 1080
    3. WindowWidth 1920
    4. WindowHeight 1080
    5. ScreenRefreshRate 60
  3. Save.

Once successfully tested, I did close the game and, still on my PC, I did:

  1. Open NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience (Press :win: and type ‘GeForce’) and logged in with my account
  2. Open the Parameters (icon on the left of your account)
  3. Select the menu “SHIELD” on the right
  4. Enable the option GAMESTREAM
  5. And add the Steam game as those are not automatically detected (Ex.: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\LEGO STAR WARS The Force Awakens\LEGOSWTFA_DX11.exe)

Finally, on my NVIDIA Shield TV, I did:

  1. Open “NVIDIA Games” (It is under “Games” and not under “Applications”)
  2. Go to “My Library”
  3. Select “GameStream”
  4. The first time “GameStream” is accessed, it asks for your login. Use the same login as the one for “GeForce Experience”!
  5. Once connected, your PC is detected and
    1. All games available via GeForce Experience appear, including those you have added in GeForce Experience > Parameters > SHIELD. You can run any of those. They will play on your PC and be mirrored onto your NVIDIA
    2. one Icon STEAM also appears. This one can be used to start “Steam in BigPicture Mode” on your PC and stream it automatically to your NVIDIA.

Screenshots here.

Now, instead of using “NVIDIA Games”, I can also directly run “STEAM” (also available under Games).

And obviously, not only the video but also the sound is redirected from your PC to your NVIDIA. And in the opposite direction, commands from your SHIELD Controllers are send to the PC. So yes, you can play with them.




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