Prolong OnePlus One Battery life by limiting charge

My OnePlus One being only used to play music via AirPlay, it’s always plugged into his craddle. I knew this was not good for the battery life and started to look for an App able to prevent my mobile to reload as long as its battery was not less than a certain percentage. I found a paper recommending to reload only once the battery was lower than 25, but also recommending to no reload higher than 85%. And I found an App able to control this on many rooted android phones: “Battery Charge Limit“.

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According to this paper, it’s not good for lithium batteries’ life to do cycles between full charge (100%) and full discharged (0%). Ex.: Doing cycles between 85% and 25% provides a longer service life than doing cycles between 100% and 50%.

For sure, only a full charge (100%) will provide the specified energy of the battery, and therefore its maximum runtime. So, one has to find a compromise:

  • Cycles between 75–65% offer longest life
  • Electrical Vehicles do cycles between 85–25% to prolong battery life
  • Cycles between 100–25% give long runtime, makes best use of battery, but reduces battery life.

All being linear, the life-prolonging mid-range of 85-25% reduces the energy to 60 percent.

More details on the App “Battery Charge Limit” on this blog.




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