Proximus BBOX: Open port 80, 443 and 23

I recently installed a new BBOX 3 to access Internet via Proximus and wanted to open the port 80. Once configured via “My Proximus” (via your Services), don’t forget to reboot your modem!

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  1. Connect your modem and wait until all the Leds turn blue and stop blinking (see the installation guide)
  2. Open the webpage and log in
    Proximus Login
    Proximus Login
  3. Go to the My Products > Internet … >  Services >Teclnica Profile
  4. Select Basic (to open the ports 80, 443 and 23), tick the option to agree with the disclaimer and confirm
    Proximus Profile
    Proximus Profile
  5. REBOOT next your modem otherwise the changes done via Proximus’ website won’t apply !!!

Et voilà.





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