Samsung Kies licence agreement: “Accept” button not visible

I am starting to hate Samsung’s softwares as much as those of HP (I experience too many issues with their softs on my PC, mainly due to my atypical hardware, I admit) !

I have been stuck on the “licence agreement” dialog window of the latest Samsung Kies update for a while because this stupid window does not auto-resize on PC with small display (e.g.: Mini-Laptop). As a consequence, the “accept” button is not visible. And no, it’s not possible to move the window, it’s a fixed size not movable dialog box 🙁

Fortunately, you can accept the licence agreement with the keyboard.

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  1. Click on the licence agreement screen to give it the focus.
  2. Press on “Tab” and “Enter” successively until you get a message “do you really want to cancel” (“Tab” move the focus to the next control in the screen. You get the message when the focus reach the “accept” button).
  3. Click “No” (The focus goes back to the “accept” button).
  4. Press “Shift-Tab” to go back to the previous control. This one is the checkbox “I agree” (I guess :))
  5. Press the “Space Bar” to check the checkbox.
  6. Press “Tab” and “Enter” to accept the licence agreement

That’s it.





13 responses to “Samsung Kies licence agreement: “Accept” button not visible”

  1. Martin K Avatar
    Martin K

    Thank you so freakin’ much!!

  2. Andy Bernard Avatar
    Andy Bernard

    Sincere thanks for this – not really impressed by the software, but it does allow Outlook to Android sync.

  3. vletroye Avatar

    I agree with you about the tool…

    To sync Outlook and Android, I use a gmail account (with imap support enabled) and two great freewares mentioned here: /wordpress/sync-ms-outlook-and-android-using-gmail-account/

  4. Monique Avatar

    Thank you! This has been a pain for me for the past few hours. I was so close but your instructions were dead on! Thanks again!

  5. haseeb Avatar

    hey man thanks for this….

  6. Tom Sarti Avatar
    Tom Sarti

    Great! Helped a lot!!!

  7. Blair Avatar

    Excellent help.

  8. K\yle Avatar

    Samsung kies is ridiculously bad…I can’t believe a company that wants to compete with apple produces such horrible, buggy software. And it’s the only way to update my GS3 to Jellybean!

  9. Michelle Avatar

    This did not work for me. Are you using Vista?

    1. Valery Letroye Avatar

      I was using Windows 7.

      But IMO, it should be the very same screen layout on Vista?!

  10. Regine Avatar

    This seems like a dumb question… But how exactly did you hit the Tab and Enter keys “successively”? I’m trying to begin this method and it’s not doing anything. Nothing pops up.

    1. Valery Letroye Avatar

      Press once on ‘Tab’ and press next on ‘Enter’. If you don’t get the popup message, redo the same sequence.

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