Software KVM: Input Director

Input Director
Input Director

My favorite tools to share one Mouse and one Keyboard with Multiple PC through the network is nowadays Input Director. It’s free for personal non-commercial use only.

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Input Director allows the mouse of a host computer (“master”) to move onto the screen of slave computers, all connected together via a network. The keyboard of the “master” becomes active on the computer where the mouse cursor is currently located. The effect is similar to a computer connected to a plurality of screens.

The configuration of the spatial position of each computer is done via a configuration software, which must be installed on each machine as a Windows Services (No need for a user to be logged in). Depending on that configuration, the mouse will go a computer or another when crossing the left/right/upper/lower edge of its screen.

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Years ago, I did use a now deprecated version of Synergy. I moved to Input Director due to lack of support in that version regarding UAC and Windows Services under Windows 7. The new latest version of Synergy has however now supports regarding those features. Synergy is a freeware (GPL) open source.


In the future, I could be tempted to use Mouse Without Borders witch looks great and is free for non commercial use… It offers support to Copy/Paste between PC. But mouse may only move to the next PC through the left and right borders, not the top and bottom ones (how I am used to configure my current Software KVM).







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