Software Uninstaller: Revo

Revo Uninstaller
Revo Uninstaller

Since a long time now, I am used to uninstall software with the free version of Revo Uninstaller. First, it can remove software that do not appear in Windows’s installed software” list or whose classic uninstallation failed. Next, it comes with an advanced “Cleanup” feature to remove any registry entry or files left by the software after its uninstallation.

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The free version does not monitor your PC to capture actions made by installer… So, it does not make your PC slower.

Usually, I know the name of the application I want to uninstall, so I use the Search Box to find it instead of scrolling among 100th of Icons. That feature was the main reason why I started to use Revo with previous versions of Windows, in addition to the fact that the information displayed was more complete than within Windows’ native uninstaller.

I use Revo only to uninstall apps… But the free version does a bit more:

  • With the Hunter mode, you can drag the Hunter window over desktop icons, quick launch toolbar, system tray icons, or program’s window to get access to menus to uninstall, kill, locate, … the focused application. This is unfortunately not working fine on my PC. For some reason, the Hunter window is unable to identify the focused applications…
  • It also comes with an AutoRun Manager to disable/re-enable startup applications, run them, kill, them, etc… However, I am still used to CodeStuff Starter and Procexp for such tasks.

I admit also that with Windows 8.1, the native “Uninstall a Program” is now as user friendly as Revo. In addition, I noticed that Revo doesn’t display all the installed software anymore, at least on Windows 8.1 🙁

The only reason why I am still using Revo is because Windows is missing the advanced “Cleanup” feature that removes orphan files and registry entries.






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