Status of FlexRAID Jobs currently running

While you manually trigger a FlexRAID job using the client FlexRAIDcmd.exe or when a FlexRAID Scheduled Job is started, its status is not displayed automatically in the Web UI currently opened.

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The Web UI needs to be reloaded in the Browser (Ctrl + F5). Doing so,

  • A status windows should now be displayed for the current process and
  • The job should also now appear in the “Command Execution Center” (FlexRAID UI > Your Configuration > Tool Box).
    • In that “Command Execution Center”, the “Pause”, “Resume” and “Abort” buttons should now be accessible.
To get the status of the current job, using the FlexRAID client (FlexRAIDcmd.exe), type in a command prompt: [ps]FlexRAIDcmd.exe localhost – – status[/ps]





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