Sync MS Outlook and Android using gmail account

I really like MS Outlook and use it on all my Windows PC and laptops - at work as well as at home. But there was nothing offered my MS to sync Outlook's emails, contacts and calendars between multiple PC and Android. So, I started to use a gmail account to that purpose.

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  • First, I did enable the imap support on my gmail account and took note of all the gmail "imap parameters" for the next steps.
  • Next, I did configure an imap account to access my gmail mailbox in MS Outlook (on all my PC/Laptops).
  • A also configured my Google account on my Android smartphone to access my gmail mailbox , my Google Calendar and my Google Contacts.
  • Finally, I did install two freeware on all my Windows PC to sync my Google Calendar and my Google Contacts with Outlook:
    • "Go Contact Sync Mod" to sync my Outlook's Contacts with gmail (both way)
    • "Google Calendar Sync" to sync my Outlook's Calendar with gmail (both way on my private PC, one way at work => to get my professional appointments on my personal computers but no the opposite).

Et voilà ;)


Now, I should have a look on my "Outlook Web Account" (previously "hotmail") to see if I could not use it to sync MS Outlook and Android in a similar way... MS did add/integrate indeed several services which deserve some attention...

2 thoughts on “Sync MS Outlook and Android using gmail account

  1. About the Outlook web account (, I did test it here : /wordpress/to-switch-or-not-to-switch-from-google-to-outlook-com

    As far as Contacts are concerned, from my point of view, it's a "No Go" to use

    Also note that there is a new version, quite improved, of "Go Contact Sync Mod", definitely the very best free tool to synchronize contacts between a local Outlook account and Google Contacts (both way)...

  2. “Google Calendar Sync” only support officialy MS Outlook 2003 and 2007... But actually it runs also with Outlook 2010. Unfortunately, I have upgraded my Office from 2010 to 2013 and now I get an error message from "Google Calendar Sync”.

    The cheapest alternative I found is gSyncIt:
    But it's also free for syncing one calendar only (if you agree to wait for 14sec and click on a button each time you run Outlook)..

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