Synology surveillance station: Internet Explorer has stopped working

Since two days, each time I open a Preview, a Live View or the Timeline in my Surveillance Station, IE crashes. Presuming it could due to the Synology ActiveX used by those features, I have removed that one. And Bingo, it's fixed.

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No idea how that ActiveX has been corrupted, but here it how to remove it.

  1. Press Alt-X to open the Tools menu
  2. Select "Manage Add-ons"
  3. In Add-on Types, keep "Toolbars and Extensions" selected
  4. Scroll down to find the extension "SS3Object Control". Select it.
  5. In the bottom pane, click on "More information"
  6. You have now a popup window "More information" with a "Remove" button at the very bottom. Click that button.
  7. Reopen Surveillance Station. The ActiveX will be re-installed. But now, the problem is gone...

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