Synology’s Could Sync Consuming Internet Quota With Google Drive

I noticed that between 50GB and 100Gb of my Internet Quota was consumed per day since two weeks. After investigation, I found it was due to the Cloud Sync service of my Synology Nas “looping” infinitely.

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The first step was to identify the device downloading some many Gb per day.

I did enable the logging service on my router and turn on the logging of its firewall for all outgoing connections.

I did export the log of the firewall into notepad++, cleaned up a bit the log to keep the source and destination IP only.

I did copy that into Excel and created a pivot table to see which source was doing many connection and onto which external IP (eliminating known destinations as the DNS of google and, the Synology’s KeepAlive service, Broadcast, …) I saw that most connections were onto,,, … from my NAS.

Using a IP who IS service, I found that 172.217 belongs to Google. Why was my NAS connection to Google ? I did look all the packages installed on my NAS and “tilt”: Cloud Sync was configured to sync two google accounts… Having a quick look into the current status of Cloud Sync, I noticed it was “syncing” 1 file… apparently for ever.

I did connect on my NAS via Telnet and looked into /var/log/cloudsync/daemon.log

In there, I found that cloud sync was logging, in a loop, errors like:

Dec 10 11:19:26 [ERROR] gd-pull-event-by-list-handler.cpp(89): ListDirectory: ListRemoteSubitems failed (retrying) [-1000] User rate limit exceeded
Dec 10 11:19:26 [ERROR] gd-transport.cpp(2195): error reason: [rateLimitExceeded].
Dec 10 11:19:26 [ERROR] gd-transport.cpp(2196): error message: [Rate Limit Exceeded].
Dec 10 11:19:26 [ERROR] gd-transport.cpp(2238): Hit rate limitation.
Dec 10 11:19:26 [ERROR] gd-transport.cpp(3082): [-1000] User rate limit exceeded. URL=’’

I will look into a solution to this issue and temporarily unlinked the Google Drive account from Coud Sync…

voilà voilà.






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