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  • Devolo DLan (CPL) + Fibaro Wall Plug = network connection issues

    I notice some incompatiblity between Devolo DLan’s and Fibaro Wall Plugs

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    In order to measure the power consumption of my Devolo DLan’s (a 500 Wireless+ and a 200 AV Wireless N), I did plug them into Fibaro Wall Plugs.

    It used to work fine at the begining. But now, the devices plugged on the DLan via ethernet or Wifi can’t connext to the network anymore.

    As soon as remove the Fibaro Wall Plug, everything works fine. I tried several times, with two distinct DLan, after resetting my router and my modem, after resetting the connected devices, etc… 

    I found only two other users experiencing also issues when combining Fibaro Wall Plugs and Devolo powerline devices… 


  • Remote control for electrical sockets (via ethernet)

    There are many different models of basic and cheap remote controls for electrical outlets. I have some from Chacon (the Zen model). But this kind of remote is usually limited to max 4 sockets.

    Power Outlets with remote control "Zen"
    Power Outlets with remote control “Zen”

    So, I am looking for something else.

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    The best solution would be to control the sockets via Ethernet from a PC, an Android or an iOS. But as I don’t have an Ethernet plug next to each power outlet, I would love Devolo to develop a solution with support to switch on/off the power outlet via CPL… Unfortunately, they don’t have it (yet) 🙁

    Belkin has a solution named WeMo, a Wi-Fi enabled Switch that lets you turn a power outlet on/off from anywhere using an Android or a iOS. It’s however quite expensive: ~50€ for one outlet.

    Belkin WeMo
    Belkin WeMo

    There are also solutions based on X10, but to simply remotely control power outlets, it’s over-killed IMO.

    So a fallback solution, could be to combine a very old Devolo dLAN® 85 HSplus with a device like the EnerGenie EG-PMS2-LAN which is an advanced surge protector with power management features. It is possible to individually switch 4 sockets on/off via Ethernet (local network or Internet from a PC, an Android or an iOS), by timer schedule, or by programmable special events… I already have an old USB version of that device (it is more than 8 years old now but still supported on Windows 8.1)

    EnerGenie EG-PMS2-LAN
    EnerGenie EG-PMS2-LAN

    An alternative to the EnerGenie device could be the NetIO 230B from Koukaam. It does also allow control from a PC/Android or iOS device. The command interface via http is well documented.

    Koukaam NETIO-230B
    Koukaam NETIO-230B

    I am however still not convinced… and really hope Devolo will do something :p

    EDIT 01/04/2014  I wrote to DEVOLO and got an answer !!!

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    I was far from expecting an answer but couldn’t resist to ask DEVOLO if something similar to the Belkin Wemo was planned for the coming months… If not, I was suggesting to introduce such a feature request to their R&D department…

    I was actually surprised to quickly get an answer from their support team. DEVOLO has some plan that will probably offer what I want and much more at a democratic price (compared to the current product on the market).


    I am very excited  😛

    EDIT 04/07/2015  I finally bought 10 Chacon Wi-Fi Neo, 25€ each, at MediaMarkt (Promo).

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    More than one year after my email to Devolo, there is still no Home Control Solution in shops here. I can only see some products on German websites…

    So, I finally decided to buy the Chacon Wi-Fi Neo solution (also sold with the name Ankuoo) which works quite well although not perfect. It’s indeed sometimes not easy to configure it for the first time. And sometimes, the scheduler doesn’t work as expected (turn on/off the device on schedule)…

    Chacon WiFi Neo
    Chacon WiFi Neo (Belgian version)

    But to switch on/off a device remotely from a mobile device, it works very well!

    Details here. (The Belgian version is not available anymore)

    EDIT 07/06/2018  I have now replaced all my Chacon Wifi Neo by Somfy Plugs that can be controlled with my Google Assistant via the Somfy Tahoma portal. I am indeed using that system since I have installed Somfy shutters and blinds at home.

    EDIT 02/08/2019  I have now a set of Fibaro Plugs which can be controlled by my Z-wave bridge (installed for my Engie BOXX to control the power, gaz and water consumption at home). They are just amazing !!


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