Tips Root And Install Cyanogen OS 13 On OnePlus One

Just to keep track of this on my blog: a great tutorial to install a new image on my OnePlus One and root it...

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Tips Use the GoPro App on a Oneplus One

Looking for a really mini camera, I recently bought a GoPro Hero4 Session.

GoPro Hero 4 Session

GoPro Hero 4 Session

What a disappointment when I discovered that the GoPro App was not compatible with my Android mobile Oneplus One. Fortunately, it's possible to google for the APK and install it manually!

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As I didn't find it in the Play Store with my Mobile, I looked for it within a browser on

GoPro App Not Compatible OnePlusOne

GoPro App Not Compatible OnePlusOne

It was clearly indicated as non-compatible. So, I googled for: GoPro APK Download.

I found various sites offering the APK :


I did download and install manually the version 2.11.1716 and it works very fine :p

I was able to use that version of the App among others to:

  • Update the GoPro's firmware to HX1.01.01.50
  • Configure the GoPro (video, picture and burst mode)
  • Do previews
  • View and Edit both Videos and Pictures taken with the GoPro

Et voilà.

Tips Torch switching on auto-magically on One Plus One

From time to time, the torch of my One Plus One (running Cyanogen) was turning on "by itself", although the screen was switched off. I finally figured out why and how: it was due to a "Gesture shortcut" that was enabled...

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I never enabled this Gesture feature explicitly, so I presume it was on by default. But when enabled, drawing a V on the screen, even if this one is turned off, switches the torch on (or off is already on)...

This gesture (as well as other gestures) can be disabled via: Settings > Gestures

Tips One Plus One: rotate not working although enabled

I recently noticed that chrome was not rotating anymore when I was turning my mobile, a One Plus One (running Cyanogen). I tried to disable and re-enable the feature "rotate" via the upper Menu Bar, without success. The trick is to authorize all the rotation angles: only 0° was enabled...

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No idea how 90°, 180° and 270° were disabled, but that was my issue. Clearly, enabling the feature "rotate" with only the angle 0° is totally useless...

To authorize various rotation angles, go to: Settings > Display and lights > Rotation. And there, enable the various mode.

Et voila!