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  • Google Play Store: “Background data disabled”

    Since a few weeks I have frequently issues when trying to update applications installed on my mobile (Android 4.3 Jelly Bean + Play Store 4.3.11). The only solution is to kill and restart Play Store.

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    Quite often since a few weeks, Play Store displays an error message “Background data disabled” when I want to use it. Next, it keeps asking me to enable “sync” (which is enabled for all my accounts and all types of content). And trying to skip that results in a “No connection – Retry”.

    This issue seems to appear when I have switched from a cellular data connection to a Wi-Fi connection while Play Store was running…

    To fix this, kill Play Store:

    1. Go to Settings > Application Manager > Google Play Store.
    2. Click “Force Stop” (no cache to be cleaned – no need to delete the data)

    And restart it.