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  • Remote connection to Windows 8 with a Windows Live account

    I was trying to remotely connect from a Windows 7 to a Windows 8 where I was still logged with my Windows Live account. As I am still quite new to the use of Windows Live accounts, I was unsure about what to provide as credentials.

    For sure, to remotely connect on Windows 8 with a Windows Live account, it’s the related emails that must be typed in the Remote Desktop’s login prompt.

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    I was hesitating because, although the account name is the Windows Live email, the “user” folder name is only the name part of this email.

    While checking which credentials to provide, I found by accident a way to get access to the logon screen of the remote machine, where the user currently logged appears => no need to remember the account name at all in this case :).

    1. I did run the command “mstsc -v:<machine name>
    2. I did use another account: “<machine name>\administrator” without password (I don’t know it anyway).
      • The Domain initially displayed was: MicrosoftAccount
    3. I did accept the certificate of the remote PC
    4. I was next presented with an error message: “The username or password is incorrect” on logon screen of the remote machine. I did click OK.
    5. I did click on “Switch user“, the left arrow on the top-left side.
    6. And finally, I did select my Windows Live Account displayed as currently logged…

    To connect directly with a Windows Live account:

    1. Run the command “mstsc -v:<machine name>
    2. Select Use another accountand type your Windows Live email as a user name.
      • The domain displayed will be the one of your email.
    3. Et voilà

    Notice: I was able to remotely connect to Windows 8 because the Firewall was off. Otherwise I would have had to enable Remote Desktop as an “allowed apps”.

    1. On the Start Screen, type “Firewall” and select Settings to find it.
    2. Run Windows Firewall.
    3. click Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall.
    4. Click Change settings if enabled (You might be asked for an admin password or to confirm your choice).
    5. Under Allowed apps and features, select the check box next to Remote Desktop, and then use the check boxes in the columns to select the network types you want to allow communication on (should be private for your intranet).
    6. Et voilà.