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  • Xiamo Aqara and Openhab on Raspberry Pi

    A few notes on using Xiaomi Aqara Sensors and Switches with Openhab 3.

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    I am using a Zigbee USB key Conbee II from Dresen Eletronik.

    It is plugged into the Raspberry Pi with a USB cable extension to put it away from the other keys used on this RPi, like my Sigma Z-Wave controller.

    I am sing OpenHab 3 (previously OpenHab 2).

    Opposite to the Sigma Z-Wave USB key, there is not mount issue after a reboot due to the usb port id increasing… (See also a solution in French).

    I am using the Phoscon App to connect and manage devices via the Conbee II key. The App is accessible on the http port 80 of the Raspberry.

    To connect a new Xiaomi Aqara device,

    1. “Add a Sensor” or a “Add a Switch” within Phoscon. Pick the type “Other”.
    2. Press the reset button for 5 sec. The blue led should turn on and start blinking after 5 sec. Release the button immediately when it starts blinking. The led will then turn on for 2 or 3 sec and then blink 3 times. It means that the connection is established.
    3. A few second later, the device will appear in Phoscon.

    To get the Things into Openhab, Add the Binding “Dresen Eletronik DeCONZ Binding” and “Scan” for devices.

    I am using with success:

    • Multi Sensors : with values for Temperature, Humidity and Pressure
    • Door and Window Sensors: with Status Opened / Closed
    • A Cube : with events Pushed (various direction), Rotation, Shacked
    • Wireless Mini Switch : One Button Control with 4 events: Single Press, Double Press, Long Press and Long Press Release



    • after a few month using the Door Sensors on my Garage Door, it stopped to send events… The problem was that the captor part was attached on a metal upright which ended to be magnetized by the magnet part moving around…