TuneBlade: problem initializing audio capture.

I just had this error message when trying to connect TuneBlade on my Airplay Yamaha: "There was a problem initializing audio capture. Exception from HRESULT 0x88890008"

I fixed it in 5 seconds by reconfiguring my playback device.

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  1. In the Systray, right the Speaker icon and select "Playback devices" in the menu. This is opening a "Sound" window.
    1. On Windows 10, there is no entry "Playback devices". Instead, click on the entry "Sounds"
  2. In the tab "Playback" of this window, select the speaker currently used by the PC and click the button "Configure" at the bottom left.
  3. Do reconfigure your playback device.

In my case, my playback device was reset to "Stereo" although it should have been 7.1 Surround. This usually happens after an upgrade of its Realtek Audio Drivers.

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  1. Excuse me there is a problem I cannot solve can you help me: TuneBlade
    There was a problem initializing audiocapture

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