Update DSM 5.0 with the latest fixes

I have just applied the latest service pack for DSM 5.0. Soon after, I started to experience connection issues to my own blog from my Intranet. This was due to some (???) issues with the DNS Service running on my Synology.

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Issue confirmed: executing a “ping beatificabytes.be” in a CMD prompt was returning the internet IP of my ADSL Modem, instead of the IP of my NAS.

As a reminder: I did configure my Router and my Synology’s DNS Service to be able to access my blog on my intranet with it’s actual FQDN (See here). And after the upgrade from DSM 4.0 to DSM 5.0, I had to enable the “Resolution Service” in the “DNS Server”.

Now, to solve the connection issue experienced after updating DSM 5.0:

  1. On the Synology, in the “DNS Server” configuration pane, I had first to:
    1. Disable the “Resolution Service” and clicked Apply
    2. Re-enable the “Resolution Service” and clicked Apply
  2. Next, on my PC, in a CMD prompt, I did executed:
    1. ipconfig /flushdns
    2. ipconfig /renew *
    3. ping beatificabytes.be

Et voilà !





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