WordPress on Synology accessible with both a Netbios name and Domain name

When I have decided to install the package WordPress on my Synology, it was intended to be used as a basic “Knowledge Management Software” as I explained here.

One of my requirement was however not covered out of the box by this solution: WordPress on Synology might only be configured to be accessible with one domain name.

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  • Either with the Netbios name of the NAS, accessible from the Intranet only(my home network).
  • Or with the DNS name associated with your public IP, accessible from the Internet only (*) in my case.

(*) Indeed, my DNS name is associated with the IP of my VDSL modem (my “public” IP). And although all http requests are forwarded to my NAS when they come from Internet, they are not when they come from my Intranet (So far, I didn’t find how to enable the Port Forwarding for this traffic and don’t even know if it’s possible with my modem; a Sagem Fast 3464):  If I browse my DNS name from my Intranet, I get the administration page of the modem.

[EDIT] Now, when I browse my DNS name, I don’t get the Administration page of my Modem anymore but a message “Your internet connection is up, please close your browser and restart it again”. This is something configured by my Internet Provider in their own DNS Servers.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution:

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==> Install the WordPress’ plugin “MultiDomain” and configure it to support “several domains”: a first one being simply my Netbios name and another one being your DNS name.

This configuration has to be done in the file “config.php”, either with the “WordPress Plugins Editor” or with your favorite editor; the file can be accessed via the system shared drive “web” of Synology: \\<SynologyHostname>\web\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\multidomain\config.php). If you do it with your own editor, read this post about file access rights.

That solution is from far easier than any advanced manual .htaccess customization and more effective than any other multi-site/multi-domain plugin I found 😉

[EDIT] I have finally decided to access my blog only with its fully qualified domain name and never with its Netbios name anymore, including from my Intranet. So, I had to solve the access issue when using a domain name within my Intranet. I use the DNS Server of my Synology for that purpose.






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  1. JT Avatar


    I am having some trouble setting up WordPress on my DS212J.

    I have phpMyAdmin and WordPress installed. I am trying to figure out how to access it via the internet. I do not have a domain and was wondering if you could help me.

    I have enabled port forwarding for port 80 to 8080. I tried to access it via the browser http://[my_synology_hostname]/wordpress but it doesn’t work.

    Please advise. Thanks!

  2. Valery Letroye Avatar

    I presume that you can at least access your web station on http://my_synology_hostname from internet ? If you can’t, then the problem is not with the configuration of wordpress but with the other settings:
    – web station enabled on synology ?
    – DDNS enabled and status ok on Synology ?
    – Firewall enable on Synology ?

    If you can access the web station, on port 80, can you access also the administration web interface (on port 5000?) ? If you can, it’s not an issue with port forwarding… If you cannot, are you sure that ports < 8000 are authorized by your internet provider ? Mine did disable them by default and I had to explicitly enable them in my account (via his own web management interface).

    1. JT Avatar


      I can access my web station from the internet via port 5000 or 5001 without any problems. Do you have to purchase/register a domain name first to get wordpress accessible from the internet?

      When I type in [hostname].myDS.me:8888/wordpress, it just gets redirected to my local IP address ( So this doesn’t work outside of my network.

      Did you purchase your domain and register it to get it working? If so, do you also have to host it first or can you just purchase/register a domain and use that for wordpress? Thanks in advance

      1. Valery Letroye Avatar

        At the beginning, I was basically using a free subdomain of Synology: Olympe.DiskStation.me
        I was able to access wordpress from internet using that address.

        Next, I have configured a CName Record in my own domain. So, concretely http://www.beatificabytes.be is an alias of Olympe.DiskStation.me (I.e.: I don’t have a fix IP)
        http://www.beatificabytes.be is now the url configured in the settings of wordpress.

        But for sure, I may not use any of those urls from my intranet. They all get me on the webpage of my VDSL router which has my public IP (similar to what you experience).

        Initially, I was therefore using the NetBios name of my Synology, as explained in this post. But since, I have defined an entry in the “host” files of all the machines in my intranet:

        So now, I can access the url http://www.beatificabytes.bewordpress from both the internet and in my intranet…
        Using this url instead of the netbios name of my synology make a difference when posting from the intranet! The url used to access wordpress is logged with the posts. And I noticed weird behaviors with various plugins used on posts created from http://<netbiosname/wordpress instead of http://www.beatificabytes.be

  3. Valery Letroye Avatar

    I found other solutions than the host file:
    – either configure the DHCP server the pass the open DNS of Google to the DHCP client instead of the default Internet Provider’s DNS
    – or define a Host file on the router if this one is running dd-wrt
    – or use the DNS Server of the Synology and configured appropriately the DHCP server to pass that DNS

    See more details here.

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