From WordPress 3.3 to 3.4 on Synology: Almost YAUN !!

No! I don’t mean “Yet Another Unix Nerd”!!!

But upgrading WordPress from 3.3 to 3.4 on my DS209+ was almost “Yet Another Upgrade Nightmare” 🙂

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Upgrading a package for Synology is usually really a piece of cake. Unfortunately, the upgrade package for WordPress caused me difficulties.

First issue: MySQL password

The setup failed quite immediately after downloading, complaining that there was possibly an issue with the MySQL password. After some investigation, it appeared to me that :

  • the DSM Package Center is running as Synology’s “root” user and
  • the setup of WordPress was trying to access MySql with that account but without any password.
I found on Synology’s Forum that “Current wordpress package requires an default mysql account root with empty password to create database successfully. If you have set mysql root password before, please install phpMyAdmin to reset the password first.

And unfortunately (although quite normal), I did set a password for the MySql “root” user in the past… So, as suggested in the message above, I did reset MySql root password to blank.

  • Go to phpMyAdmin, opened the “Users” tab and clicked “Edit Privileges” for the user “root” with Host=localhost.
  • In the “Edit Privileges” dialog box, scroll down to the “Change Password” area and select “No Password” before clicking “Go”.
  • Finally, back to the “Users” page, click “Create PHP code” to apply the change. At that moment, phpMyAdmin could prompt you to re-enter your credentials (root with a blank password).

I did next restart the update of the WordPress which finally completed fine. But…

Next issue: Page Not Found

My Blog was not reachable anymore after the upgrade ? Damned… WordPress was imply disabled… I had to click “Start” next to the WordPress Package in the DSM Package Center 😆

And finally, my home page appeared… I went immediately to the administration dashboard where I discovered that the setup was actually not yet complete. In this dashboard, I found a message asking me to click a button to upgrade the database. Fortunately, nothing wrong occurred during this upgrade 🙂

Last issue: This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?

Although the home page appeared correctly, I was not able to open anything else: no post, no “custom” pages, no categories, … For each of them, I got the WordPress’ “Page Not Found”… All the permalinks appeared somewhat “corrupted”… No idea why.

Fortunately (bis ter et repetita), fixing this issue was not difficult. I simply had to re-enforce the right Permalinks structure.

  • Go back to the administration dashboard and select the menu “Permalinks” under “Settings”.
  • Check that “your” structure of Permalinks is still selected and did click “Save Changes” (Even if you didn’t change the structure).

And miracle! Everything went back to normal. I didn’t lose any customization or plugins except my custom smilies from \web\wordpress\wp-includes\images\smilies (fortunately backuped),…


No! I Don’t mean “Yet Another System Utility”!!! But “Yet Another Successful Update” 😆






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