Add Support for SHR on Synology DS3617xs

I wanted to test a procedure to shrink a SHR volume on a virtual Synology DS3617. Unfortunately, SHR is not an available option on the high end models of Synology. But it can be enabled easily 😉

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DS3617xs is a model where SHR is not enabled:


To enable it:

  1. Open a SSH console and enter root mode.
  2. Edit the file  /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf
  3. At the end, you should find: supportraidgroup=”yes”
  4. Comment that line with a #
  5. Next to it, add a new line with: support_syno_hybrid_raid=”yes”
  6. Reboot your Synology

You can use “vi” to edit the file: sudo vi /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf,

  • Press i or the insert key to make your modifications, then “Esc” to end the modifications.
  • After that type :x! to save and exit. Ot :q! to exit without saving.

Et voilà, your DS3617xs offers now the option for SHR





3 responses to “Add Support for SHR on Synology DS3617xs”

  1. James Nicholson Avatar
    James Nicholson

    for the novice, can you add more detailed instructions, please?

    will this also work in DSM7 on DS3622xs+?

    1. Valery Letroye Avatar

      I really don’t advice a nove to do this. It’s really really for advanced users.
      If the details here are not sufficient, it means that you are really a beginner ?
      Or let me now at which step you are stuck ?

      I am not myself an expert but I wanted to do some tests on a machine which could be “lost”.
      So it was ok to take risks.

  2. Jonathan Elofsson Avatar
    Jonathan Elofsson

    Still works love it. thank you for this guide

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