Install Git command on Synology


Installing git on Synology using IPKG is really easy.

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Install first IPKG as explained here and, in the ssh console, run next as root: ipkg install git

You can also simply install it using ipkgGui. That’s even much easier than using a ssh console 😉

Now, you can use the command git in a ssh console…

Ex.: first thing you should do is to set up your name and email by typing:

git config –global <your_email>
git config –global <your_name>

To clone a remote projet, in a local folder,  type:

cd /<some_local_path>/

git clone<user-name>/<repository>.git –branch <remote_branch-name>

where “remote_branch-name” is a branch like “master”, “develop”, …

The URL can be found using the “Clone or download” button of any GitHub project (See “Clone with HTTPS”).

Clone GitHub Repository
Clone GitHub Repository

To update that project with a specific branch, type e.g.:

git fetch origin develop


Documentation can be found here.

NB.: To install Git Server, look here





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